*426# and *710# Transfer Codes for Diamond Bank

Diamond bank has introduced a new ussd transfer code for their customers to transfer money from diamond to other bank and also within diamond bank. This Diamond bank transfer code *710# can help you

  • transfer money from diamond bank to other banks
  • transfer money from one account to another within Diamond bank
  • transfer money using your mobile phone
  • transfer money anywhere 24/7 from your diamond bank

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3 Transfer Codes for Diamond Bank

  1. Dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN# To transfer money from DIAMOND Y’ello Account to Another DIAMOND Y’ello Account in Nigeria
  2. To transfer money from DIAMOND BANK to other Banks in Nigeria Simpy Dial *710*710*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#
  3. To use the new Diamond Bank ussd Transfer code Dial*426# and select your preferred option.

these codes will help your transfer money to any account without internet

Please note that you need to create a diamond bank transfer pin and you will require to input 6 digits of your last debit card before you can perform transaction.

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