*919# Code To Transfer Money from UBA to Other Bank

uba mobile transfer code to other banks

Its no news that you can now transfer money from UBA to other banks on your mobile device. without going to queue up and at your convenient time.   UBA (United Bank of Africa)  has introduced *919# uba magic banking service codes which now support a direct mobile transfer of funds on your mobile device  […]

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I forgot my Access Bank Account Number

Ussd code to retrieve your access bank account number

Have been in a position whereby my clean was to pay in money to my company account,  which happens to be an Access Bank Current Account. It was so unprofessional for me to give excuses to not having my account number available instantly,  though I saved it as a draft on my mobile phone but […]

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How to transfer Money from Access Bank to other banks

how to transfer money from access bank

are you avoiding queues in the banking halls?  are you looking for how to transfer money from your access bank account on your mobile phone using the access bank short code. access bank mobile code access bank money transfer code then you are in the right place:- read on Access Bank Transfer Code is a […]

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