Are Timberland boots really waterproof?

Wet leg, numb toes, chilly feet?.. sorry I feel your pains

Yes get a Timberland boot, they are guaranteed waterproof boot you can wear to work in extreme conditions, but still looking classy.

Not just about the puddles, pull off the best rainy-day style with The Timberland Classic 6″ Premium Boot, Wheat Nubuck

There got a variety of options for both male and female that satisfies an individual need in raindrops, puddles, and springtime slush, keeping your feet perfectly 24/7

Timberland uses waterproof impregnated properties that become part of the leather during the tanning process of their boots. Applying either silicone seam-seal technology on the footwear or using an internal waterproof and breathable membrane to help feet stay dry.

That why I always say that timberland is a classic all-weather boot, perfect for hiking and uses during winter.

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What Makes the Timberland Boot Waterproof

Silicone Injected Leather

Unlike Gore-Tex, The Timber-Dry Proprietary silicone injected leather technology with outsoles is designed for ultimate wilderness traction and 100% guaranteed waterproof. This is not the usual top layer waterproof coating that wears off after a while, but rather the leather is treated with silicone to prevent water from getting through. The downside has been that the leather is vulnerable to stains and specks of dirt.

Silicone Seam-Sealed

This is the process of where Timberland boots e stitch holes and seams are made from waterproof fabric by are treating with silicone membrane to prevent them from leaking when it rains or snows to achieve maximum waterproofness

Hot Mold Injection between the Leather and Sole

This is the process where the leather is hot rubber gum cemented to the sole before stitching and the two-piece pressed together.

Gusset Tongue

The military standard gusset between the tongue of the boot and the sidewall to help prevent pebbles, sand, dirt, water, and other debris from entering your boot through the space between the tongue and the boot or through the eyelets.
Timberland also has Gusset tongue on the inside of the boot along the bottom half of the zipper for side zipper boots.

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