how much to buy a domain name in nigeria

How much does it cost to buy a domain name in Nigeria?

The cost of registering a domain name in Nigeria largely depends on the type of Domain name you are registering.
Though domain name registration a the least expensive factor when building out a website or blog,  popular domain TLD like .Com, .Org costs between $8 to 12$ depending on the Namecheap. While localized country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) cost like .ng costs more e.g
The added cost is to give your website more prestige,  presenting your website as being serious.
But generally the cost of registering a domain name in Nigeria ranges from N500 to as high as N20,000, depending on the registrar.  Note Domain Name registrations are year subscriptions.
The main factors influencing the cost of buying a domain name in Nigeria are
  • registry set wholesale price
  • Domain Registry Fees
  • the margin set by a registrar when calculating retail prices
  • and transaction volume of the Domain Registrar.

Domain Registry fees

Domain registrars, such as  Namecheap, whogohot, qserver or web4africa  do not hold Domain names nor extensions, rather they are held by organizations called domain registries.

These domain registries hold specific domain extensions, like Verisign for .com and .net and the NIRA for Nigeria ccTld .ng domains.

The domain registries take a fee on all domains registered by the domain registrars,. These fees vary from extension to extension, thereby causing a variance in the price of domain extensions.

The number of domains registered by a domain registrar over time influences how much they charge. A domain registrar that does a lot of business can afford to lower their prices because they can spread their profits out.

Here are some popular domain name registrars in Nigeria
  1. Namecheap (very reliable. my goto name registrar)
  2. whogohot
  3. qserver
  4. web4africa

The Price of the .com Domain Name

The .com domain name is one of the first domain name extensions. It is also the most popular and is usually the first choice for most people and businesses. This is because it is popular and therefore easy to remember.

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