Can black people get lice? THE WHOLE TRUTH

lice (Singular: louse) is a parasite that attaches itself to human hair or scalp and feeds on human blood.
Head lice, the most prevalent kind is medically known as Pediculosis capitis.

Children are more susceptible to catch and spread lice.

The most common lice “Head Lice” are adapted to live and breed along the hair shaft this is why eggs are found there.

Can black people (African Americans) get lice?

The answer is, yes  “black people (African Americans) get lice” but not very often.

This is because black people hair shaft are shaped differently from the Hispanic, Caucasian or Asian hair making it a hard time for lice to grasp the hooks.


There are different types of lice, depending on the part of your body it affects – this include

  1. Head lice which affect the scalp.
  2. Pubic lice (also called “crabs”) which affects the genital area.
  3. Body lice which is seen in other areas of the body.

How do lice spread?

Lice infestations can happen to any human gender or age or tune of skin, but it is generally caused by poor hygiene, which has greater impact on black people.

Getting rid of lice on black people (African American)  completely involves three quick steps. This step are essentially the same in the treatment all types of lice:

  • Kill the lice.
  • Kill and remove the eggs.
  • Decontaminate any affected areas and clothing.

These are some lice removal home remedies, lice treatment available for black people

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