How to avoid ticketmaster fees | Seven (7) Ways

How to avoid ticketmaster fees

Ticketmaster, StubHub and others, makes a lot of money from ticket processing charges which the tag as Service Charges, Processing Charges, Shipping Charges, E-Ticket Convenience Charges and a Will Call Charges – All these fees Typical adds to a ticket’s face.


Huh!!! Yes I know, I hate the idea of having to pay extra service fees which are unnecessary. But there are many ways to avoid the Ticketmaster “convenience” fees which hike up the actual price you are paying for an event. This involves boycotting the third party “ticketmaster” to buy directly from the source or other vendors, some of the sneaky ways are:-

  • Buying directly from the artiste
  • Buying from your local box office

But there are some cases where all the box offices in your area, are having a ticketmaster terminal; never-mind here are some tips to help you save some cash:

Buy at the Venue or Calling to Book

Drive to the Event venue and purchase the tickets there instead of ordering online; with this method, you can avoid the ticketmaster “convenience” fees. If you are living out of the “event” town, consider calling the venue to order the tickets to avoid travelling.

Purchase Your Ticket from the Artist

Purchasing directly from the artiste can help you save alot of money especially during the pre sales period where there are discounted rates.

Join the Fan Club

Joining the fan club and maintaining membership would cost you usually about $25 or more just, but it helps you get first-hand info about discounted rates, and the ability to purchase tickets directly from the artist, team representative or buying directly from the band.

Search for Ticket Resellers

Consider searching or posting in your local subreddit or Craigslist if anyone has extra of the tickets for sale, which the usually the are always available – but avoid being ripped off but nevertheless you will get pretty good deals.

Try to Win Some Tickets

Listen to your local Radio stations for contests to give away tickets for upcoming sporting events. The truth is that very few people call in and try to win tickets for the event, so your odds are a lot better than you might think. Sometimes no one will call in at all, especially on smaller stations, and they’ll make up a name of a supposed winner.

Be Patient

Don’t rush to get the ticket for a show, wait until the day before or day of the event. During this period, tickets are usually reduced to face value – you might end up grabbing VIP sections and front row seats to a sold-out event, which is always for less than face value.

Use Ticket Sites with No Service Fees

Check for available tickets for renowned ticket reselling site with no service fee included. Here’s a list of the best resale ticket sites with no service fees.



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