What does ota stand for? More than 50 meanings and I know you didnt know them

OTA like many other abbriveation is an Acronym with many means based on the industry you find yourself be it business/finance, football, mediacal, travel or tech industry.


  1. what does ota stand for in NFL pro-football terms?
  2. what does ota stand for in medical terms?
  3. what does ota stand for in texting?
  4. what does ota stand for in art?
  5. what does ota stand for in hotel industry?
  6. what does ota stand for travel?
  7. what does ota stand for android?

What does ota stand for in NFL pro-football terms

OTA is an NFL Acronym for Organized Team Activity, it is the first voluntary wave of practice and workouts  a team goes through in the offseason (spring/summer) which Precedes training camp

Confused what OTA stands for? … then you should be; now than ever as we show you about 50 different acronym to this 3 letter abbreviation “OTA”

What does ota stand for android world?

OTA: Stands for Over the Air. The act of moving data (wirelessly) to your phone ie. downloading,  without having to plug it into any device. Most Android system updates are OTA, as are application downloads.

What does ota stand for in the travel industry?

OTA: Stands for Online Travel Agent for the final purchase of a ticket. This Aggregators’ business models include getting feeds from major OTAs, then displaying to the users all of the results on one screen. The OTA then fulfills the ticket.

Here is the various Acronyms for OTA


Acronym Definition
OTA Office of Technology Assessment
OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant
OTA Over-The-Air
OTA Optical Tube Assembly (telescopes)
OTA Office of Technical Assistance
OTA Open to All
OTA Operational Transconductance Amplifier
OTA One Touch Access (Nokia)
OTA OpenTravel Alliance
OTA Online Travel Agent
OTA Offseason Training Activities (US Football)
OTA Optical Telescope Assembly
OTA Office of Tax Analysis
OTA Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (Oklahoma City, OK)
OTA Online Trust Alliance (Bellevue, WA)
OTA Operational Test Agency
OTA Out of the Air (pricing methodology)
OTA Office of the Administrator
OTA Ontario Tennis Association
OTA Orchard Training Area
OTA Officer’s Training Academy (India)
OTA Ordered to Appear (legal courts)
OTA On-Time Arrival
OTA Oklahoma Technology Administrators
OTA Ontario Telecommunications Association
OTA Open to Air (wound dressing)
OTA Older Than Average (student)
OTA Operational Transconductor Amplifier
OTA Operational Test Authority
OTA Oracle Transport Agent
OTA Ocean Systems Technician Analyst
OTA Office of Territorial Affairs
OTA Other Transactional Authority
OTA Other Transactional Agreement
OTA Oregon Telephone Association
OTA Oracle Training Administrator/Administration
OTA Obligatory Thug Attack (gaming)
OTA Oil Technology Association
OTA Officer Training Allowance
OTA Ordnance Transmission Assembly
OTA Optical Transition Amplitude
OTA Orascom Telecom Algerie (est; 1998; various locations)
OTA Organic Trade Association
OTA Orthopaedic Trauma Association
OTA Oxford Text Archive (UK)
OTA Organized Team Activity
OTA Original Total Annihilation
OTA Orthodontic Technicians Association (UK)
OTA Over-The-Air Management
OTA Optical Trapping Applications

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