What is a TF Card? is it different from SD or MicroSD Card

TF Cards or T-Flash Cards are miniaturized Secure Digital flash memory cards known as TransFlash. TF cards, approximately the size of a fingernail were introduced in 2004 by SanDisk as the world’s smallest memory card, upgraded by NAND MLC to control the technology.

TF Cards were specifically designed for mobile phones and smaller electronic gadget. TF cards Like all memory cards come in different speeds and storage size.

TF card Dimension

TF card Dimension is 15 mm x 11 mm x 1mm
TF Card comes in various storage capacities like 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB

Sometimes you are been asked if TF Cards and microSD cards mean the same? No the dont mean the same thing, though both are storage device with slight differences

What’s the Difference Between a TF Card and a Micro SD Card

TF card or TransFlash  are the same with Micro SD card but with little different Technology. The microSD has exactly the same dimensions and specifications as the TransFlash and therefore both memory cards are completely compatible to each other. It was in 2005 TransFlash was adapted by the SD Card Association, and the name TransFlash  “TF Card” changed name to “microSD”. The main difference however are in the

  • Transfer Speeds (Read and Write speeds)
  • Memory Size Availability- TF Cards can go upto around 128GB whereas SD Cards can go upto 2 TB
  • SD Cards have more number of transistors. So more number of R/W can be done on an SD Card as compared to that of a TF Card.
  • There is also a switch on security segment in SD card whereas TransFlash has no such feature in it.

Difference Between a TF Card and an SD Card

TF card is basically a microSD Card also known as SDHC cards which Secure Digital cards, the only difference is the physical size.

Structural difference

TF Card –  15mm×11mm×1mm

SD Card – 24mm×32mm×2.1mm

TF Card do not support SDIO mode which enable microSD cards do non-memory jobs like Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication (NFC)


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